Mission, Vision & Core Values


To provide services, product, data and technical support for assessing proficiency of clinical and pathological diagnostic laboratories. We will achieve our mission by: 

  • Providing dependable and accredited EQA program. 
  • Supplying best in class, clinically relevant EQA material for effective assessment of laboratory practices. 
  • Recruitment, training, development and retention of staff at all level to provide effective support to participants. 
  • Avail required infrastructure and resources needed for the operation of EQA program. 
  • Implement most advance system for the EQA data analysis. 
  • Report findings of EQA assessment timely, confidential and accurately. 
  • Continual quality improvement by periodic assessment of user satisfaction, as well as action on finding of internal and external audit. 


To be recognised as most trusted global leader of EQA Program provider

Core Value